Building career in Finance and Accounting

Career in Finance & Accounting

About efinacademy

efinacademy.com is an initiative to support the Finance and Accounts enthusiasts by spreading awareness on important topics/subjects in this domain. The contributions are made through well experienced professionals in the field of finance and accounts who are self motivated to share their learnings and experiences.


Grooming-Coaching-Mentoring in the Domain of Finance & Accounting


What’s Trending in News for Businesses

Quick review of  important business news

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What’s Trending on Social Platforms

Keeping ourselves aware of what’s being discussed to create confidence

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Daily 2 – 5 Min Quick learning


Baby steps daily help you reach your Goal easily.

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Practice through Exercise Workbooks


Practical workbooks for thorough understanding on Finance and Accounting Concepts

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Scenarios in Business Finance Industry
Coaching/Mentoring through explanations from real time business scenarios

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Behavioral Skills Development

Soft Skills helps you to highlight USP in yourself

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Technical Skills Development

Focus on acquiring technical skills after your basic or professional qualifications to make you ‘Perfect Fit’ for Finance & Accounting Industry

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Live Meetings with Experts

Resolve your doubts, Ask Questions, Seek Clarifications from experts in Finance & Accounting Industry having vast working experience in practice or Jobs




Developing “Believe in myself” approach



Developing clear vision to achieve life-goals



Developing “How and When” mindset



Developing Leaders inculcating Intrapreneurship skills.


Self Improvement

Constant and dedicated self-improvement approach with mentor support.


Self Awareness

SWOT analysis and defining actions




Building confidence by learning, practicing and dare to win mindset.


Life Skills


Developing skills to succeed in professional & social life

Goals to achieve


Groom new joiners in Finance and Accounting Industry

Helping understand Finance & Accounting concepts

Developing a culture of learning with practical experiences

Understanding the career options in Finance & Accounts domain.

Approach to follow

One-on-one / Group Coaching

Business Coaching

Management Coaching

Workshops & Seminars


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Look for the tiniest opportunity available just around you. 
In Finance and Accounts world, there are plenty of improvements to do to become a successful F&A Professional. 
Let’s target the easy and near-ones first.